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Turn - The Wombats

To expand on the last post - there is a large societal expectation set out for women, and we learn it young Pretty will protect you, your...

Queens Don't - RaeLynn

I used to listen to this while writing Paper Doll, while I had psychosis, before I was hospitalised I loved it It takes me back even now,...

Carmen - Lana Del Rey

There are many lines in this song that at the time of recovery from my identity disorder I related to doesn’t have a problem lying to...

Sheila - Jamie T

I listened to this while I was recovering from my identity disorder. I related to many characters in various songs, and Sheila was one My...

Soulmate - Lizzo

Baby was broken. She was made out of broken pieces. My heart was broken and as a result I created Baby as a persona and defence mechanism...


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