May your kindness Remain - Courtney Marie Andrews

I loved this song at one point

It has such a good message to it, pretty self explanatory

After everything, the thing i’m most proud of is staying myself, that’s the real victory

But back to Baby

Basically me and Baby were a team. Twisted twins. I was the underground queen. She was loneliness as a costume for the whole world to see

"Fortune might buy you diamonds all shiny and new, but it can’t buy you happiness or a love that is true”

  • I was never going to find either as Baby, no one could get to me

Theres a poem by Shel Silverstein about blue skin, it’s called Masks and that was it, they both had blue skin, they hid it, passed by each other and never knew Then theres Morning side of the Mountain, by Donny Osmond, always gave me a spook that one, they’d never find me, we’d never meet. because i was so hidden inside myself You have to be yourself, and you never know who will love you as your true self Baby was me at times, parts of me, the best parts, the most socially acceptable parts But me bare faced, in my pyjamas at home, mid breakdown - that was me, not Baby Baby was me after the breakdown, all shiny and new, make up done, hair done, in a mini skirt, on a date, or night out - the thought of which had got her through the breakdown I pinned all my hopes on finding love, prince charming, or nights out where I could drink and let my hair down I don’t look like Baby now, I know that. But I’m not unhappy with my appearance Having once had anorexia, I prefer my body slim, but I have accepted my curves for now What matters is that I am my true self now, as close to it as i have ever been I write, books, songs, blog posts, I follow my passions and dreams - always trying to create something new because I get restless, bored, and feel capable now of achieving things I once didn’t When you feel low about your appearance try and remember the beginning of the song. You’re a good woman, and a good friend You don’t always have to be the prettiest, shiniest. Perfection is a disease and the further we get from it the better

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